San Pedro de Atacama

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San Pedro de Atacama is a quaint little town located at 2,400 masl in an oasis on the Altiplano high plateau in the Atacama Desert.
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There are many native ruins scattered around San Pedro. Besides this strong cultural charisma that reflects ancient times, there also is an impressive collection of geologic wonders all around San Pedro, including some of the highest volcanoes in The Andes, El Tatio geysers geothermal field, Valley of the Moon and Valley of Death, and multiple desert lagoons brimming with strikingly bright turquoise waters, to name a few. Whether you enjoy the Altiplano’s marvels from horseback, a desert quad, by foot, or aboard an air balloon, the Andean desert’s unmistakable character will surely captivate your soul. The whole area showcases gorgeous shadows and shifting colors throughout the day, as the sun moves through the sky, making it every photographer’s dream. The town itself is home to artisan craftsmen that sell their creations in shops scattered throughout the town. Among knitted goods and exclusive jewelry, travelers will also find exotic herbs, including coca leaves used to fight altitude sickness on visits to the higher attractions in the region.
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