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Imagine trekking through the driest desert on earth, on your way to impressively beautiful lagoons in the middle of nowhere. Riding through the vastness of landscapes of otherworldly beauty.
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Less than 10 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama, in the middle of the Salt Mountain Range, is one of the area’s must-see attractions: the Moon Valley. Explore this famous site and wonder at its striking resemblance with the surface of the earth’s only satellite. If weather conditions allow for it, you may continue to a little-known and visited area of the valley where the beauty and features that amazed you before, will be multiplied manifold: the Kari Canyon.
This hidden secret that winds and twists between blades of red clay and white salt is certainly worth the hike, starting at a breathtaking viewpoint above the valley and going all the way down into the gorge through the salty mountain range.
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