Balooning in the atacama desert

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Ballooning over Atacama is simply sublime. Live the magical experience of gliding peacefully above the desert sunrise and witness the sunlight slowly unfold over the landscape.
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A geology expert will supply the flight with information on northern Chile and Atacama Desert geological formation and morphology, on the extremely arid Atacama Desert and the semiarid Andean highlands, their basins and salt flats, hills and valleys, different soils, minerals and geological history. Back on the ground, travelers enjoy a delicious traditional ballooning champagne breakfast to close the breathtaking experience. Don’t forget to ask your guides why drinking champagne in the morning has become part of ballooning culture
Gently, with no noise and no hurry, just taking in the magical experience of gliding peacefully over the desert… Ballooning over the Atacama is plainly sublime. The voyage begins before sunrise, as to witness the sunlight unfolding over the desert landscape as the sun climbs up in the sky. Be sure to take warm clothes for the chilly desert dawn hours.
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