Fly Fishing the Bolivian Jungle

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An Absolutely Unique Fly-Fishing Encounter. Discover the thrill of fly fishing for giant Dorado while wading in pristine mountain rivers surrounded by breathtaking scenery
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Salminus brasiliensis, dorado, golden dorado or river tiger, is a large predatory freshwater fish found in central and east-central South America. It has become very popular among recreational anglers because of its size, striking golden amber color, and liveliness. It is also considered a powerful and sacred hunting partner by tribal fishermen because of the way it chases sabalo fish into shallow water, pushing it towards the river banks and "helping" them aim for it more easily with their bows and arrows. Even though this outstanding fish, which belongs to the same order as piranhas do (Characiformes), is the highlight of fly fishing in Tsimane lands, it is also possible to catch other kinds of fish in these pristine waters, such as large Pacus, Yatoranas, striped Surubis and a rare variety of Dorado endemic to the Amazon basin. Handling these fish requires special precautions, not only to avoid harming them, but also to prevent injuries to anglers. All of these fish have very strong jaws and razor sharp teeth. Tsimane practices a strict catch and release policy on all species.
Besides the size of jungle fish, which necessitate bigger flies than those most anglers are usually accustomed to, Tsiname territory's small crystal-clear mountain rivers, which allow for wading, sight casting, and using fine fly-fishing techniques, something pretty unusual in the jungle environment, all make the experience even more enchanting. The river structure varies tremendously from river section to section, from sandy and small gravel beaches to sharp volcanic rock shoals transitioning through all kind of freestones and boulders. Plus, the interaction with the native culture and the beautiful landscape add up to a whole adventure that will surely become one of the unforgettable journeys of a lifetime.
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