Fly Fishing for trophy trout in Patagonia

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In the heart of Chilean Patagonia, a place of spectacular beauty, offering a taste of immersion in the enormity. Where you can enjoy fly fishing all day without seeing a soul.
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For fly fishing lovers and anyone who just happens to come along with them, this laid-back adventure is something to play on repeat in different spots throughout the valley, even on some never-seen-before places we can only reach by heli. Anglers will be amazed by some of these undiscovered hotspots we have found.
Rivers and lakes all around, and all packed with salmonids galore – this is what awaits the fly-fishing lovers in Futaleufú. Whether from the shore, from a boat, or wading into the crystal waters, this double-half-day experience is a true dive into the calm of the area's scenery.
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