Travel Design

  • VM Elite designs luxury authentic journeys in Chile


We create unique moments for travelers.
As such, we design, plan and tailor each enquire from scratch, applying our local knowledge and inspiration to deliver a venture that is custom designed according to the travelers interests, lifestyle and expectations.
From stargazing with astronomers in the Atacama Desert, exploring Santiago’s lively markets and surrounding vineyards, to hiking through Patagonia’s awe-inspiring landscape, we only take travelers to see the authentic side of Chile.

We are constantly updating our handpicked portfolio of the finest luxury and boutique hotels, private vineyards, expedition cruises and traditional villas throughout Chile.
All our selected accommodations invite travelers to indulge the senses and feel inspired.
From villas along Patagonia’s vast alpine surrounded by high-peaked glaciers, elegant retreats in Santiago, country houses in organic vineyards across the Pacific coast, to nature-themed lodges in Atacama Desert, our selected accommodations all have their particular charisma.