Luxury vehicle services in Chile


We have built one of the largest chauffeured fleets to constantly provide a high quality service and a large choice of luxury cars. Our chauffeurs are bilingual if needed, and highly trained to provide an exclusively professional service. If travellers need transportation to their hotel, or a driver for a couple of days, once they have experienced VM’s transportation solutions, they will know they made the right choice

Helicopter service in Chile for corporate travel


To provide a well-rounded and complete transportation solution for any needs, VM has access to the most exclusive private jets and helicopters in Chile. We pick up our clients wherever they are and get them exactly where they need to be in the most convenient and comfortable way possible. Furthermore, our helicopter tours over the skyline of Santiago surpassing the long coast of Chile or the beautiful valleys with their vineyards are unforgettable experiences that will make your international guests speechless.


To leave no wish unfulfilled, VM also designs unique yacht experiences to give our clients the opportunity to explore the wild Chilean waters and see the country from a whole new angle