Imagine a weekend escape in a wooden-accent designer lodge right on the edge of a cliff: owning the fabulous, unobstructed mountain views all to yourselves, a personal housemaid, a chauffeur, and a fridge packed with fresh produce you love.

It is this kind of endless attention to details that sets VM|Elite apart.

From finding a castle to a rustic house, we make sure the unique accommodation matches with your refined taste. Meanwhile, we are constantly updating our handpicked portfolio of the finest hotels, lodges, cruises, private homes and villas throughout Chile to give you more choices.

You can count on us on finding a special place stay in the world’s most dramatic settings. Stay in a cozy house surrounded by Patagonia’s pristine lakes, a designer apartment in Santiago, or a luxury camp on sand dunes of Atacama Desert. Depending on the occasions and your preferences, we are happy to equip you with personal chauffeurs, housemaids, and bilingual field guides.