Chilean Cultural Heritage & Museums Encounter

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Our specialist will accompany guests on a journey through the city, providing historic and interesting information about Santiago and its founding. We have prepared an exclusive and unique experience.
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Chilean Cultural Heritage & Museums Encounter

Explore Chile’s vibrant capital with the cultured local who knows it all. Santiago is a cosmopolitan city that blends historic neighborhoods and bohemian hangouts into perfect mix, and lately becomes the mecca for designer boutiques and gourmet restaurants. Our Santiago city specialist will share with travelers all his cultural knowledge as a “Santiaguino” and unfolds the city’s history. The discovery tour starts with exclusive visits to the most iconic buildings in Chile, and most of them are usually closed to the public. The tour continues to the Pre-Columbian Art Museum, where the museum’s director will give travelers his insider interpretation of more than 5,000 pieces of pre-Columbian art. Savor the city’s iconic gastronomy in our favorite dining spot. The tasting menu of this rustic yet elegant restaurant will take the senses travel through Chile by featuring local ingredients all the way from the Patagonian forest, the top of the Andes, to the sea produce along the Chilean Coast. Next, stroll around the San Cristobal Hill, where travelers will enjoy the amazing sunset view, admire Santiago’s skyscraper cityscape over a specially crafted cocktail.
Complete the day with an exquisite food and wine experience in Boragó, rated as one of the world’s 50 best restaurants. The legendary chef Rodrigo Guzmán has set the restaurant’s philosophy in promoting the culinary diversity of Chilean cooking. Travelers will taste innovative, unusual dishes based on seasonal Chilean plants and cooked with ancient techniques from the pre-Columbian era, such as slow roasting on ashes.
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