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Home to superlative landscapes rich with glassy lakes, shimmering glaciers and the granite hulks of the Paine Massif, there’s a reason Torres del Paine National Park has become Chile –and Patagonia’s– landmark protected area.
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The Captain General Bernardo O'Higgins Riquelme Antarctic Military Base, was built in 1948 and is located on the Isabel Riquelme Islet, Tierra de O'Higgins, in the Chilean Antarctic Territory, and represents the projection of Chile at the South Pole, as well as the reflection of the actions of sovereignty and investigation in the White Continent. Since its inception, it has provided important support for the development of science and human knowledge, as well as national and international logistical support.
Initially it was made up of two perpendicular volumes, made up of a prefabricated wooden house and a metallic hangar, which would be the genesis of adaptation to the extreme conditions of the place, as well as the permanent settlement in the Antarctic territory. It was declared a Historical Monument in 2012.
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