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Madidi National Park is a jungle paradise located in the upper Amazon river basin in Bolivia, between the provinces of Abel Iturralde and Franz Tamayo.
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It was established in 1995 and encompasses a total area of 18,958 square kilometers. Due to its status as a protected conservation area, as well as its unique natural topography, Madidi contains a particularly diverse array of plant and animal wildlife, even when compared to other parts of the Amazon. The park is home to 272 species of mammals, 1,254 species of birds, 496 species of fish, 213 species of amphibians, 204 species of reptiles, 120,000 species of insects (including over 1,000 types of butterflies) and over 20,000 different species of plants. Ranging from tropical Andes glaciers, to lowland jungles, rivers, creeks and marshes, its topography is as varied as its wildlife. The park is also home to 46 indigenous communities belonging to six different tribes, many of which still practice ancient Amazonian traditions.
Madidi may be visited all year round, however, the dry season period, from April to November, grants better fauna observation opportunities. Rainy season, November through March, also presents some charms of its own, because rivers are fuller and vegetation is lusher, granting nature that heavy green and humid jungle ambient Amazon explorers dream to experience.
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