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Valle Nevado, La Parva, and El Colorado ski resorts, make up the Three Valleys of the Andes. Together, they form the largest area of skiable terrain in South America. This unique heliski zone consists of three different mountain ranges, covering over fifty independent glaciers and some of the most dramatic peaks in the entire Andes Mountain Range. It encompasses a total skiable area of 5,000 square kilometers and is the only heliski operation in Chile that operates entirely on privately owned land.
Travelers can expect exclusive access to some of the best skiing and snowboarding experience in the Southern Hemisphere. Valle Nevado resort offers access to the largest skiable domain in South America, lasting nearly 7,000 acres. With such a vast amount of terrain the resort caters to all levels of skiers and snowboarders. Though sunny days are the ideal skiing timing, the resort’s high altitude and orientation are able to maintain the optimum snow quality in every season. At the end of day, travelers can enjoy the resort’s various international cuisines, spa center, or unwind at the pub.

Skiing among the mountain in La parva


Portillo is an incredible Ski resorts further north of Santiago, featuring a calming lagoon “Laguna de Inca” and a total, immersive skiing experience. Remote and serene, this is a place free of commercial distractions. There is no town or shopping centers. Snow lovers will be more than thrilled to choose from different pistes level, over 65% of them designed for advanced skiers. The resort also features a series of off-piste circuits that are perfect for daring skiers and snowboarders.

Ask our skiing travel design experts for our special hotel pick, where travelers can enjoy a pool with mountain views, a jacuzzi, massages, a movie theater, boutiques and a health clinic all in one place. For a more stylish skiing vacation, the travelers can stay in a private cabin with unobstructed views to the snowy mountains and wooden-accent interior, designed by one of Chile’s best architects.

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Skiing experience in Chillán is strikingly different from the northern resorts because of the lush forests around. Siting at the base of active Volcano Chillan, Nevados de Chillán resort is a unique Chilean resort with trees on the slopes, giving this Ski Resort a Swiss charm that none of the other Chilean ski resorts has. During the summer, one of our Chilean travel expert’s favorite is horseback riding and trekking along Laguna del Huemul, which truly offer magnificent views. Travelers can either stay in the international style, deluxe Grand Hotel Termas de Chillan, or in a more intimiate wooden lodge with hand-carved furniture and a marvelous view of las Trancas valley.


The skiing experience in Corralco Mountain Resort is all about exclusivity and limitless ways to explore the untamed wilderness around Malalcahuello National Reserve. The region’s iconic plant “Araucaria” (monkey puzzle trees) creates a particular scenery one can encounter nowhere else. That is probably part of the reason that Corralco has been an increasingly sought-after resort destination for well-to-do international travelers.
From arranging a cultural visit to a local indigenous community to designing a hiking route on the edge of volcanos, our local travel design specialists propose travelers to be wildly open to all kinds of adventures, and be eager to discover all the inspiring landscapes southern Chile has to offer.

Family skiing in Corralco Mountain resort in Chile