• Exclusive cooking class with the best chef in Santiago

    Wine & Dine

  • chef in Espacio Gastronómico, Santiago

Get to know Santiago’s foodie scene and its rich culinary traditions while visiting the downtown. Learn about Santiago’s eclectic architecture, colorful facades, local characters and take a peek into the vibrant food markets. Let our Santiago specialist guide you through the sprawling wholesale market, where vendors stuff their stalls with seasonal fruits, local hams with fresh cheese, and mounds of colorful spices. Shop and cruise through the labyrinth-like market to get all the ingredients.

Travelers will taste the No.1 Chilean Classic “Italiano”, a sandwich filled with tomato, avocado, and mayo in a hidden food stall only known to locals. We also take travelers to the city’s most loved seafood market, where fishmongers display fresh hunts straight out of the ocean and hand fillet our seafood order with exact precision. Before heading to the kitchen for a cooking class, swing by Santiago’s best artisanal ice cream bottega for some tangy creamy flavors.

The cooking class takes place in a spacious, chic apartment with panoramic views of the city’s upscale financial district and the Andes mountain backdrop. Travelers will cook authentic Chilean dishes with a local chef who loves sharing his passion for Chilean cuisine with travelers. All cooking classes are hands-on, using only the fresh, local ingredients brought from the market tour earlier. Travelers will learn about the authentic recipes of typical dishes, regional cooking techniques, and how to pair dishes with Chile’s best wines.