• Horseback riding like a gaucho in Patagonia

    Patagonian Pampa Gauchos


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Massive blue-tinged icebergs. Broad, windswept pampas. Cerulean waters set against tawny grasses, white-capped peaks rising up into blue-gray skies. Patagonia is a unique place: one of the last great wildernesses, alluringly untamed and dazzlingly pristine. Exploring its breathtaking landscapes is one of the true pleasures of a Patagonia trip, and no one allows you to experience it like The Singular Hotels. With our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable guides leading the way, get an in-depth, insider look at authentic Patagonia.

Wonder how living as a Patagonian gaucho feel like? Our Chile luxury travel specialists can make the imagination come true. The Gaucho experience starts with a scenic walk in the Patagonian fields to observe the area’s beautiful flora and fauna. Under the deep blue sky so unique to the unspoiled Patagonia,  go horse riding in the first estancia and enjoy the panoramic mountain views. Even those inexperienced horse riders will find riding the mild-tempered ‘criollo’ horses fun and enjoyable.

Next, travelers will experience to be a Patagonian farmer for a day in sheep shearing barns, doing farming activities in the sublime landscape. Later, join the gauchos’s barbeque party and taste the real ‘El Asado,’ the national grilled meat tradition. Around the open wood-burning grill, lamb meat, guanaco, rabbit and beef are prepared with other tasty delicacies. Of course, the meal is accompanied by the region’s fresh produce salad and supreme Chilean wines. We will continue our visit to other close-by estancias, discovering what it is like to live in an area where time and life have a different pace.