• Helicopter ride to Casablanca valley, Chile

    Helicopter Glaciers & Casablanca Valley


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Overlook the Chilean costal charm in style and indulge the senses with fine wines. Travelers will arrive in world-class vineyards by helicopter and have the privilege of private visits to vineyards led by wine specialists. 

The flight will start with a spectacular view of Santiago’s skyscrapers with the dramatic Andes Mountains as background. Next, the helicopter will surpass Cajon del Maipo, a canyon located southeast of the city and filled with beautiful rivers and the Maipo river basin.  Travelers will get really close to the majestic snow-topped mountain peaks and experience the breathtaking view from a height level like never before. Here, travelers can land and enjoy a gourmet lunch at our handpicked restaurant for authentic Chilean cuisine and juicy barbecue flavors

Continuing the flight over the Maipo region, we will surpass the beautiful Rio Olivares and Morado Valley composed of spectacular waterfalls and gorgeous glaciers. Next, reach the Casablanca Valley, a fertile valley hosting some of the most iconic vineyards and wineries in Chile. Upon request, travelers can stopover at any vineyards of the region, do a privately arranged winetasting, and learn about the secret of Chilean wine making.

Our Chile luxury travel specialists recommends travelers to explore Bodegas RE Vineyard that features both fantastic country view and unique wine. Between the soaring Andes Mountains and the rugged Pacific Coast, Casablanca’s Valley Vineyards posses a unique combination of climate and soil. The fresh breeze in the valley’s lowest zones boosts award-winning white wines with crisp flavor, while the warmth of the higher zones is perfect for producing stained wines such as Merlot and Pinot Noir. Known for its cutting-edge technology and inventive method in wine production, Veramente creates a particular kind of wine that is both authentic and expressive.