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Welcome to northern Patagonia, the world’s best whitewater destination. The name Futaleufú is a native word meaning “Big River,” and the town is the jump off point for rafting or kayaking the river. Travelers will stay in Fundo La Confluencia, enjoy fishing from the banks of the Futaleufú and Espolón Rivers. A few minutes from the lodge, there is the most ideal fly-shing spot one could imagine. Beginning at the Chile-Argentina border, the river flows west towards the ocean. Halfway of floating towards the town of Futaleufu, there will a spectacular waterfall awaiting travelers. This is also a great trip to family with children or non-fishing family members for the area’s stunning natural beauty and pure fun of floating.

The wade fishing is mostly on the coastal rivers and typically fished with streamers and swinging flies; however, the La Junta area offers some wade fishing on the smaller rivers as well as a spring creek in the Lago Verde area, where travelers fish with terrestrials and attractor patterns. Sea run brown trout may be found in the Rio Yelcho and occasionally on the Palena and Rosselot rivers; however most are found on the coastal rivers during late February.

Travelers looking for big trophies will feel greatly rewarded in Futaleufú, since big fish are available in good numbers throughout the season. If the idea of catching big rainbow trout during a dragonfly hatch sounds appealing, consider a trip in December. Throwing a streamer to the riverbanks can produce large resident brown trout in January and February with some monster sea run browns showing up late in the season.

Conclude the luxury fly-fishing vacation in “Uman Lodge”, a nature-themed lodge famed for exquisite dining and spectacular views that treat both the body and soul.