• Aysen, Patagonia, Chile

    Aysen Autumn Photographic Safari


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  • Rare animal in Patagonia


Photograph the poetic landscape in Aysen’s warm autumn. Stay in close contact with Patanogia’s vibrant wildlife and immerse oneself in probably the world’s purest nature land. Imagine snowdrifts, lakes, lagoons, rivers, valleys, and ancient rock paintings, and one is one step closer to this Aysen Autumn experience exclusively offered by VM Elite. However, it is the abundance of wildlife and rare species like huemul (or South Andrean) deer, the Red Fox and the puma that make Aysen such a magical place. The guacanos gracefully strolling around the Lodge’s lawns and campgrounds, the huemuls walking along the banks of Lake Cochrane, and the pink Chilean flamingos bathing near the banks of Lake Seco will delight travelers with their playful characters.

Mark March and April in calendar to catch the amazing Aysen fall. When the park’s Lengas, Coihue and Ñirres trees turn into crimson red and coral orange, the entire park becomes an ocean of colors. A true bliss for photographers.

Inspired by iconic national park lodges from around the world, the Lodge at Valle Chacabuco’s detailed woodwork and original photography of local culture and nature provide a uniquely Patagonian experience. The central living and dining room are the ideal setting for resting after a day of travel, hiking, or exploration. Drink regional wine at the living room bar and enjoy views of looming Mount Tamanguito to the south through expansive paned windows. Nestle into overstuffed sofas, lounge by the fire, or venture to the patio by night to view an endless spread of stars.

The Lodge’s respect for the land and commitment to the environment is central to the guest experience. Complementing its surroundings, the Lodge is built from stone quarried in the Chacabuco Valley.