VM Elite banner, luxury travel design in Chile


Our luxury travel design company is located in Santiago, Chile at the foothills of the Andes. We are a highly qualified team of destination specialists who are truly committed to creating bespoke encounters throughout the country, including Easter Island and Antarctica.

It all started with the idea of connecting luxury travel services to travellers that expect one-of-a-kind, conscious travel experiences. VM|Elite is founded by Raul Buenaventura who saw a need for a better travel solution in Chile: a way of travel that demonstrates the original beauty of our country, that allows travelers to participate in local activities, that strengthens the relationships between people and places. After years of working in upscale tourism industry, Raul knew by heart that an extraordinary journey – that becomes the experience of someone’s lifetime – offers much more than luxury and comfort. It creates rewarding memories and inspires people to reconnect with nature, culture, and themselves.


A fabulous trip in Chile is all about knowing where to go and who to connect. We are eager to share our country’s real gems with travelers. From the moment travelers outline their interest, we design, plan and tailor every itinerary from scratch with local destination knowledge and new inspiration. Every journey is built from travelers’ individual preferences so that they can build a deeper relationship with Chile in their own ways. Travelers always find our designed journey to be an eye opening adventure to the best of Chile and a culturally enriching experience of a lifetime.

Much more than simply having a luxurious trip in Chile, travelers will find authentic encounters with Chilean culture, tradition, and heritage through us. Each of our tailor-made journeys is carefully crafted to take travellers to see the inspiring landscape and original beauty unique to Chile. With our extensive connections in local travel network, we make travel arrangements in Chile as exclusive as possible. Our luxury travel specialists in all over Chile are investigating destinations regularly to renew their knowledge and create truly special moments for travelers.

Founder of luxury travel company VM Elite