A magical valley, great wine, pisco distilleries and perfect night skies… Chile’s Elqui Valley is a haven for nature lovers, hikers and stargazers, who will be able to witness a total solar eclipse just before dusk on July 2nd, 2019. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime event in a scenic destination deep in the Chilean Andes, within the Coquimbo region, one of the world’s best spots for astronomy and stargazing. Thanks to the area’s remoteness, proximity to desert and pure air, some of the southern hemisphere’s foremost astronomy centers are based here. Travelers will experience an informative astronomic

encounter with expert  astronomers and observe constellations and nebulas together with understanding the Andean Worldview that explains the astronomical beliefs of the region’s ancient civilizations.

This journey is an invitation to explore one of the most intact and fascinating little-known corners in northern Chile. The bright green of its vineyards opposes the arid, stark mountains above them creating a unique visual contrast. You will visit renowned artisanal pisco distilleries Pisquera Los Nichos and Mistral to learn and witness Chilean pisco distillery production process and sample the spirit itself.

A land of myths and legends, unique folklore and culinary traditions…

Visiting Elqui Valley is like entering a magical world blessed with outstanding nature and culture. From the moment you first set foot on this extraordinary valley, its singular identity will take you by surprise. Our expert guides will show travelers the life style and culture of this unique valley renowned for its pisco distillery production..

Experienced guides and astronomy specialists will convey travelers their extensive knowledge about our galaxy’s mysteries and wonders, with the aid of high-tech telescopes.

Travelers will learn the essential role cosmology has played in Andean culture, together with traditional scientific astronomy developed in the region.

Besides decoding the century-old cosmological secret of Elqui Valley, travelers will also explore the valleys landscape.

On moonless nights, stars in the valley’s skies can be seen up to the eighth magnitude with the naked eye. The Milky Way looks ever-so-milky and Jupiter shows-off brightly in the night sky. Inquisitive minds will find stargazing in Elqui the inspiration of a lifetime. Our astronomy specialist will introduce travelers into the southern skies. A unique star gazing  experience in one of the clearest skies in the world. Observe  splendid nebulas and constellations under the Elqui’s starry nights.